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flik Privacy Policy

Thank you for using flik!  This Privacy Policy helps flik users understand how and what information flik collects, uses, and shares when users utilize our Services.  By virtue of you downloading, joining, accessing, and/or using any of flik’s Services, you agree for flik to access and use the collected information within the bounds of this Privacy Policy and to the terms described herein.

What Information We Collect

When you register with flik, we may collect certain information that we would use to better the user experience with flik’s Services.  This information includes how you use our website, what browser and hardware you use, and what products or services you utilize more.  You also may provide us with personal identifiable information such as your name, e-mail, phone number, and other contact information when you register.  When you access our Services you also use an IP address.

When You Register and Use flik:

After you register with flik, we will ask for your username, real name, email address and possibly some other personal information.  This information may also include biographical or demographic information that our servers collect.  Other non-personal identifiable information includes your browser and computer hardware data or where you are accessing our Services from.

Correspondence from flik: flik will correspond with you via e-mail in order to provide necessary updates, share information about products, promotions, new services, and flik related service updates.  We may also use your provided e-mail address in order to respond to customer services inquiries.

Cookies:  flik will utilize cookies to collect and analyze user information and website usage in order to better improve our Services for our users.  A cookie is a data file that most websites and applications use in order to track such user activity.  There are two types of cookies – one that is used for each session when accessing flik’s Services, and another that is stored on your computer.  The first is deleted every time you quit your web browser and the second can be deleted by clearing your browser’s internet history.  If you were to disable cookies on your web browser, some of flik’s Services may not work properly as cookies are required to access some of flik’s Services.

Log Data:  flik keeps track of traffic in all of its Services and platforms.  This information is stored in “log files” which contains IP address, internet service provider (“ISP”), how you were directed to or from our Services, date and timestamps of user access, and other related information.

Your Profile:  The information collected by flik may be used to better tailor your experience when utilizing flik’s Services.  This includes tailoring promotions, suggested content, and other marketing offers to you based upon your activity and content you post.

Your Content:  When you post your content, you are aware of the Terms of Service and any other personal identifiable information you may disclose within your content at your own risk.  flik does not control how other users may utilize or access information disclosed in your content and flik is not responsible for the information that you disclose in your content on its Services, so as long as it does not violate this Policy and Terms of Service.

Your Consent:  By use of flik’s Services, you grant flik the right to share or disclose your information as necessary when you share such information, such as the information you share in your user profile or content posted to flik’s Services.

Non-Personal Information:  flik may share non-private or aggregate information collected by it within the bounds of this Policy and share with third-parties in order to conduct business analysis.  The information shared includes, but is not limited to, user activity, particular content posted to flik’s Services, and other demographic information collected by flik.

Access With Third-Party Linked Accounts:  Now or at some point in the future flik will permit its users to access its Services through independent third-party platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and similar services.  flik will have access to limited information from that particular service (i.e. Facebook friends list) and we may obtain information, including personal information, from said linked accounts.

Legalities: We maintain the right to preserve, share, and/or disclose information in order to properly comply with local, state, and federal laws and regulations and in order to comply with any legal requests that may arise.  We do this in order to protect any actual or potential harm against other individuals, both flik and non-flik users, to address any potential illegalities (i.e. fraud), to resolve any technical or security issues, and to protect flik’s Services and property.  However, flik does not have any legal obligation to, but reserves its right, to disclose any identifiable information to authorities when, at flik’s sole discretion, it feels it may need to prevent any type of harm (i.e. physical, emotional, psychological) to one’s self or others.

Transferring Your Information In the Event of Sale/Merger: In the event flik is acquired either in whole or in part by another entity or merges with another entity, flik reserves the right to transfer and assign the information collected by flik in the acquisition or merger.

When You Access and Modify Your Personal Information

If you are a registered user of flik’s Services, you are provided with the necessary tools to access, update, and modify your personal information associated with your account and provided to flik.  You may access your profile information under flik’s account settings to either modify, update or delete your account.

Our Policy Towards Children

flik does not, and will never, knowingly collect, retain, or utilize information from persons under the age of eighteen (18) and our Services are not directed to anyone under the age of eighteen (18).  Any individual who registers with flik or accesses its Services represents that he/she is eighteen (18) years of age or older.

If flik becomes aware that any such information has been collected from an individual under the age of thirteen (18), flik will take immediate and appropriate steps to delete this information.  If you are a parent or guardian and discover that your child under the age of eighteen (18) has registered for a flik account, please e-mail flik at help@flikketyflik.com.

flik Outside the United States:  Regardless of where you “call home” or access any of flik’s Services, you acknowledge that you are bound by the terms set herein of this Privacy Policy.  By accessing Services from outside the U.S., you further acknowledge that such information may be transferred outside of the country you accessed flik from to be stored and utilized within the terms of this Policy in the U.S.

Changes to this Policy

flik may periodically revise this Privacy Policy.  The most recent version of the Privacy Policy will always be available on flik’s Services.  For any changes that are material or are less restrictive for flik, we will notify you via e-mail associated with your flik account.  Your continued use of flik’s Services after any changes to this Policy become effective constitutes an agreement to be bound by the revised terms of this Privacy Policy.


Effective: January 1, 2013