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my first flik

March 19th, 2013 by Christina Stevens

I took my first flik back in December when I was in Ojai on a weekend trip with my husband. I was sitting in the hotel room trying to decide what to flik and, after way too much deliberation (we’re literally talking 10+ minutes here as I tore through my suitcase and makeup bag), I finally decided on flikking the resort itself. I loved my time there, thought it was beautiful, and wanted to share my experience. I then sat there for another few minutes and thought about what to say. I took about five versions of the flik, and each time I watched them I kept shuddering at the sound of my own voice. Side note – am I the only one that hates the sound of my voice?? I finally said “Screw it! I’ll just upload one of these!” And after ALL that, I had taken my first flik.

I know there are some of you guys that are able to jump right in and be flikking machines, but I know there are other people just like me who take a little longer to get over that hump. Once I uploaded one flik and realized how easy it was, I kept doing more and more. Watching everyone else’s fliks got me more and more comfortable and excited to be a part of the flik community.

At the end of the day, flik is just a bunch of normal people showing real aspects of their daily life – products we love or hate, our local coffee shop, our go-to-beauty products, a fun restaurant for date
night, the kitchen tools we are always grabbing, etc. Going back to that hotel room in December when I took my first flik, I didn’t need to be tearing apart my suitcase looking for something earth-shattering to flik. The more natural and real all of my fliks are, the more beneficial they are to other users.

So to all you guys that are able to jump right in, more power to you and keep on flikkin’! To all of you guys like me, take a deep breath, take your first flik, and I promise you’ll love it!

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