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reviews are great, but wouldn’t you rather get a recommendation? how about if it was from a friend whose taste you know and trust?

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May 6th, 2013 by Christina Stevens

Every time I travel to a new city or country I do a ton of research on what to see there, where to stay, where to eat, where to shop, etc.  I’m very much a Type A planner! 🙂  I visited my husband in the DC area last week and found myself wishing I could just go on flik and see where people in my social network recommend going to.  While there are a million “review” sites that I did end up using on my trip, it would have been amazing if there was enough content to use flik as my travel guide.   fliks are done in real time to capture your experience at a particular place, as opposed to a written review that is done when you get home (or maybe even days later).  Videos are also able to give you a sense for a place – the vibe, the food, the view, the surrounding area – that a photo cannot.  I tried to flik as much as I could during my short stay there, and flikking places is definitely something I am going to keep doing both at home and when I travel.  flik isn’t just about products it’s also about the places you love to go to – I can’t wait for the day that map is full of little pins of all of our fliks across the country (and someday, world)!

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